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Golf Instruction Videos

Meet PGA Instructors Brent Zepp and Ryan Young, and check back often as they share their best tips and pointers for lowering your score and getting the most out of every round.

Brent shows you how to use a hybrid or fairway wood to tackle a chip shot from a tight lie.

Ryan discusses course management, and visualizing the best way to get to the hole.

Ryan shows you how to escape the many fairway bunkers at Chambers Bay.

Brent helps you with one of the toughest shots you'll encounter on the course: the long bunker shot.

A must a Chambers Bay, Brent teaches you how to keep in low and out of the wind.
Brent teaches you how to escape Chambers Bay's deep fescue rough.

You've reached the green, but it's a long way to the hole.  Ryan shows you how to get it close.

Short-sided again?  Brent can help you get up and down.

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